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Here at BusyBuddha we craft unique experiences with the busy professional and corporates in mind.  Each retreat is a perfect blend of mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing experiences, carefully curated through meditation, yoga, breathwork, executive coaching and expert guest speakers. 
As professionals ourselves, we understand that many professionals, corporates and business executives do not work and live at their optimum, and it can be a challenge to make time for your wellbeing and 'mental fitness', despite your work and personal life needing clarity of mind and focus. 

From years of professional experience, we know that we perform at our best, when we are at our best, and so BusyBuddha was created. We offer a stay in luxury accommodation whilst still experiencing the grounding and balance that mindful living, meditation and yoga can bring.
Whilst mindfulness and mental fitness are at the heart of our retreats, it is delivered in a non-secular, modern-day way, that relates to you and your lifestyle. You will be surrounded by mentors, teachers, speakers and guests who understand you and your way of living.


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Busy working conditions can directly impact your physical and mental wellbeing. By pausing and reclaiming balance you can find a more sustainable way to perform in your job long term, and have the tools to rely on in your every day life. Our retreats are tailor made for professionals, and everything we offer is made with you in mind. 

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Our mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing retreats are facilitated by experts in their field and provide the setting and guidance you need to restore balance to the mind and body. As part of "The BusyBuddha Experience" we offer yoga and meditation, as well as guest speakers and executive coaches during your stay with us. 

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Our retreat destinations are chosen for their sophistication and comfort. Each retreat destination combines stunning facilities with organic fine dining hand prepared by our resident chef. A touch of luxury meets grounded getaway - it does not have to be one or the other - and this is exactly what we want you to experience. 

Our yoga, meditation and wellness experiences provide the setting and guidance you need to restore balance to your professional and personal life


  • First Day Of Spring
    25 Mar 2022, 16:00 – 28 Mar 2022, 11:00
    Dorset, UK

These retreats are just what I have been looking for, and needed.  Having been a high flying professional for many years I look for a touch of luxury with complete relaxation and this is exactly what I've found. 


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