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We are different to other retreats.


We create and facilitate retreats that have been tailor made for busy working professionals, corporates and business executives. You are at the centre of everything we do, and we have taken the time to understand your life and your work, and why you are here.


Here at The BusyBuddha, our mindfulness and wellbeing retreats combine the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation (but debunks the 'yogi stereotype stuff') with expert coaches, luxury accommodation and organic fine food.

Outdoors Yoga Class

We understand your lifetsyle, and the pressure that both a busy, high pressured working life can put on your mental wellbeing, home life and relationships. 

This is because our founder is a professional, a Solicitor and company Director, who realised that well-being and mental fitness is not always a priority for busy professionals, or prioritised in the workplace, despite your job and personal life needing clarity of mind and focus.

We offer a program especially made for you, where you can practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness with the help of our expert BusyBuddha team, and feel truly relaxed in the comfort and safety of like minded individuals. 

The ethos of BusyBuddha is that you do not need to be a yogi, or a monk, to enjoy the benefits of meditation, yoga and mindful living. 

We are modern-day BusyBuddhas.


Ella Mesma | BusyBudha Retreats

Ella Mesma

Our yoga sessions are beautifully designed and delivered by Business Yoga teacher, Ella and her team.


Ella is the published author of Journal to Joy and Director of award winning company Business Yoga, a yoga concept dedicated to supporting companies and individuals with putting wellbeing at the heart of their work ethos.

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Becky Davis

Becky is a Personal and Executive coach who works with organisations of all sizes to help them build truly
productive and resilient workforces. She understands that from time to time personal, health or work
factors can and will impact each of their employees.

Her depth of knowledge and experience, and genuine belief that all humans are made for more makes her a sought after coach.

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Anastasia Ttofis

Anastasia Ttofis is the founder of the BusyBuddha  and a high profile litigation lawyer and company director.


After being introduced to yoga and mindfulness she saw first hand the benefits it had on her ability to navigate a high pressure career with more clarity and focus.

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Paul  Hill

Our meditation and wellness workshops are guided by expert hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Paul Hill.


Paul works with both individual and companies, and he brings his vast experience in supporting mental health in high pressure work environments to BusyBuddha Retreats.

These retreats are just what I have been looking for, and needed.  Having been a high flying professional for many years I look for a touch of luxury with complete relaxation and this is exactly what I've found.