We curate bespoke retreats for busy professionals and our schedule has been designed with your lifestyle and career in mind.


We understand what it is like to work in high pressure, corporate environments. With this in mind we have organised a schedule of guest speakers throughout the year, all experts in their field and who will deliver invaluable sessions with a view to helping you and your mental fitness. 


Whether that be discussing career burnout, organisational mindfulness, stress coping mechanisms or mental health in the workplace, we go above and beyond to deliver a schedule that will help make real an lasting changes in your personal and work life.

Read on to find out more about some of the Guest Speakers who has joined The BusyBuddha Retreats. 

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Andrew Mcneil

Andrew McNeill, is the author of 'Organisational Mindfulness' and founder of  organisationalmindfulness.co.uk. Andrew is also the co-founder of  Workplace Policy Lead and Projects Advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative. Andrew is and accomplished senior leader with over 20 years experience in major project leadership.

Andrew discovered mindfulness when he was under stress. A friend of his suggested a mindfulness retreat might help. He was extremely sceptical, but sufficiently stuck to park his cynicism. What he discovered was a tool kit that helped him to manage stressful situations competently. These tools helped him to become a better leader, improve his decision making and enable his teams to collaborate more effectively. Having experienced this transformation, he has tried to apply mindfulness wherever possible.

Andrew provides consultancy services and training for people who want to bring mindfulness into their organisations, and you will have the invaluable opportunity to experience his extensive expertise at our next retreat. 


Tracey Howes


Tracey Howes is a RAID Advanced Freediver and Oxygen Advantage Instructor based on the south coast of England.

The powerful breathing techniques that she’s learned in her freediving practice prevent anxiety and stress negatively influencing thought processes and performance. This specialized training inspired Tracey to expand her knowledge of functional breathing and enable her to teach others how to breathe efficiently to enhance their physical and mental health. The Oxygen Advantage is recommended reading within the freediving community which is how Tracey discovered it.

By incorporating functional breathwork techniques into daily practice and training programs, Tracey’s clients have transformed their breathing habits to improve resilience and sleep quality, reduce sports-induced asthma and anxiety, train for marathons and prepare to swim the English Channel. Tracey is particularly interested in female breathing with scientific evidence supporting ongoing research into women’s sports and overall quality of life.

Office distractions take on average 2.1 hours a day and it takes 25 minutes for a person to return to a task after being distracted. This can increase time pressure and stress. The ability to place your attention skilfully can help you reduce absenteeism, reduce stress and improve performance.

Currently stress is the most common cause for long-term sickness absence in the UK, with 1 in 5 employees report feeling ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed at work. The cost to UK employers from mental ill health in 2018 was £35 billion. Mindfulness has well documented well-being benefits which include stress reduction.

 - Andrew McNeil -

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