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This is not "just another yoga retreat" - This is a retreat for wellbeing, resillience, balance and mindfulness, cultivated through meditation, yoga, functional breathwork and executive coaching.

Our team of mentors are all experts in their field and have been very carefully selected to offer you a one of a kind retreat experience.

You will be surrounded by mentors, teachers and guests who understand you and your way of living - our bespoke retreats are made by professionals, for professionals.


Anastasia Ttofis


Anastasia Ttofis is the founder of the BusyBuddha and a commercial litigation lawyer and company director.


Anastasia has specialised in Banking and Finance related disputes throughout her career and is the Head of Banking and Finance Litigation at Jamieson Alexander Legal, a firm who pride themselves on being "a breathe of fresh air" in what is classically a very suffy and corporate industry. Anastasia is also a company director and co-owner of a Specialist Finance Broker, and a local networking company. 


Despite having a very busy and demanding working life, Anastasia is able to live a life full of gratitude and serenity.


After suffering with panic attacks a number of years ago, and finding it difficult to make any time to care for herself, Anastasia was introduced to Paul Hill who changed her life. From then onwards, Anastasia practised mindful living through both meditation and yoga, and she saw first hand the benefits it had on her ability to navigate a high pressure career with more clarity and focus, as well as ensuring that her own wellbeing is properly cared for. 


And so Anastasia created The BusyBuddha in order to bring what she had learnt to other professionals and to help them achieve more balance, focus and longevity in their careers. 

Alongside her busy professional life, Anastasia is currently also completing a Diploma in meditation and intends to complete yoga teacher training later this year.

Paul Hill

Our meditation workshops are guided by expert hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Paul Hill. 

Through his businesses 'Everyday Hypnotherapy' and 'Repeat Performance' Paul works with an array of individuals and provides coaching and training to large corporations.


Throughout his life Paul has also experienced highs and lows. He knows how the challenges your own perception can cause, and he has seen how "not achieving" can affect a person. Paul loves to see that moment when he helps people to release these thought patterns and watch them move forward in a more positive and productive way


Paul believes in positivity and never judges those he works with. Paul has helped a whole array of people from business leaders, to children over the years, and he brings his vast experience in supporting mental health in high pressure work environments to the BusyBuddha retreats and has all the experience and understanding to help professionals on our retreats.  

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Ella Mesma

Our yoga sessions are beautifully designed and delivered by Business Yoga teacher, Ella and her team 

Ella is the published author of Journal to Joy and Director of award winning company Business Yoga (Prestige award 2020), a yoga concept concept offering online and in person sessions designed to empower staff to look after themselves and support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their workplace ethos.

To help companies and staff combat stress and the pressure of deadlines, Ella offers Business Yoga 23onMe classes and membership helps to offer short sharp solutions to embed good practise without taking up too much time.

Her aim is to empower individuals to take small increments of time in their day to make big changes to their wellbeing in the workplace and beyond; helping reduce stress, boost productivity and take some much needed you time.  

Becky Davis

Becky is a Personal and Executive coach who works with organisations of all sizes to help them build truly productive and resilient workforces. 

Having spent 22 successful years within varied environments from small privately-owned businesses, blue-chip organisations, dragon (BBC dragons den) led venture capitalist funded firms and tier 1 network providers Becky identified that her real passion was people. Her varied roles saw her commercially responsible for multi-million pound accounts and she states the root of her success was always about simply understanding people. Treating people equally and having a real interest in the psychology of not only how to do her best but also how to get the best from her colleagues and clients.
Becky’s coaching brings together university accredited training and qualifications in Humanistic Counselling based on Transactional Analysis and Business and Personal Coaching which, when combined with her 22 years of corporate experience across many sectors creates a unique combination of having expertise and success in many spheres. Her depth of knowledge and experience, and genuine belief that all humans are made for more makes her a sought after coach.
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Chef at Work

Culinary Team

All food provided on our retreats is carefully prepared by our resident chef and his team, sourcing local Dorset ingredients and supporting micro and local Dorset suppliers alike. Our award-winning, Michelin star trained chefs have worked at some of the finest establishments in the UK including Boodles London, Chewton Glen Spa, Dorset and Royal Crescent Bath, to name but a few.


This award-winning team adds unique sparkle and creativity to our bespoke menu to ensure you enjoy a memorable and personal experience. We offer organic fine food and do not expect any of our guests to abstain from alcohol or eat raw food - though of course this can be catered for you if it is your preference. 


Our main aim is for our guests to feel comfortable and welcome, and we therefore feel that making our ‘meat eating guests’ change to a vegan diet for the weekend does exactly the opposite to what we set out to achieve. A forced diet can often make people feel excluded or apprehensive, and so we allow our guests to choose their own diet and just be unapologetically you! 

I had the pleasure of working with Paul. Not only was he technically capable of his role, but his drive, personality and enthusiasm shone through - promoting a positive working environment. He actively encouraged participation and involvement in and out of work. Striving to bring people together, knowing that a group is stronger than an individual.