I don't have the answers, only an attitude!

Might seem like an odd thing to write as a professional coach but it's true. And often clients arrive expecting me to have their answers, to share my experience, give them advice and tell them what to do. This is not coaching.

So if I do not have your answers what do I have?

I have coaching skills, tools and techniques, exercises, questions, extensive knowledge of a variety of psychological theories specifically Transactional Analysis and an innate ability to hold space and emotion.

I have 22 years working in a corporate role in various size organisations responsible for really successful teams and multi-million-pound accounts.

I have a passion for evidence-based coaching, positive psychology and the power of providing time to think.

I have plenty of professional accreditations and academic qualifications in both counselling and business and personal coaching.

But this still doesn’t mean I have your answers.

My ‘attitude’ is one of curiosity and fascination with my client's world. My clients always have wonderful and surprising things to share and my coaching gives them space to do just that.

I am an expert in coaching, I am not an expert in you and my coaching attitude and approach enables my clients to find their own answers.

And the best answers are always the clients own.

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