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Our mindfulness and wellbeing retreats combine the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation (but debunks the 'yogi stereotype stuff') with executive coaching, luxury accommodation and organic fine food.

You will be surrounded by mentors, teachers and guests who understand you and your way of living - our bespoke retreats are made by professionals, for professionals.

Our retreats are based in the Southwest of England - Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire - where you can escape to the countryside and explore the Jurassic coastline. 
We offer both weekend wellness retreats, and one day recharge and reset retreats. 


​Our retreats are founded on the principle that in order to perform long term and at our best in our careers, we need to take time out to reconnect and restore balance occasionally.  

We offer a stay in luxury accommodation with fine dining, whilst still experiencing the grounding and balance that mindfulness practice, meditation and yoga can bring. Whilst mindful living, yoga, meditation and mental fitness are at the heart of our retreats, it is delivered in a non-secular, modern-day way, that relates to you and your lifestyle - no chanting, gongs or crystals!


Our retreats are carefully curated to give you exactly what you need; space where you could be unapologetically you within a community of like minded individuals, who understand one another and, together, can take the time to disconnect, breathe, and reconnect. 

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  • Autumn Solis
    05 Nov, 16:00 – 07 Nov, 12:00
    Georgian Coach House, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK
  • First Day Of Spring
    01 Apr 2022, 16:00 – 03 Apr 2022, 12:00
    Dorset, UK


Join us for this three day retreat from 5 November - 7 November 2021, where you can rest and reset in the autumnal sunshine and be surrounded by the falling autumn leaves, just in time to welcome the winter months ahead.
The Coach House, Everleigh is a stunning Grade II listed 18th Century Georgian Coach House set in the heart of the Wiltshire Countryside. Set in a beautiful private location within easy reach of Wiltshire's most beautiful market town of Marlborough.

The Coach House is set within it's own 1.5 acre garden. The whole plot sits within the private 20 acre grounds of Everleigh Manor. 


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Public Speaker



We curate bespoke retreats for busy professionals and our schedule has been designed with your lifestyle and career in mind.


Whether that be discussing career burnout, organisational mindfulness, stress coping mechanisms or mental health in the workplace, we go above and beyond to deliver a schedule that will help make real an lasting changes in your personal and work life.

We are proud to annouce that the guest speaker for our next retreat is Andrew McNeill, author of 'Organisational Mindfulness' and founder of Andrew is also the co-founder of  Workplace Policy Lead and Projects Advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative. Andrew is and accomplished senior leader with over 20 years experience in major project leadership.

As Andrew helpfully explains in his how to guide: "Office distractions take on average 2.1 hours a day and it takes 25 minutes for a person to return to a task after being distracted. This can increase time pressure and stress. The ability to place your attention skilfully can help you reduce absenteeism, reduce stress and improve performance.

Currently stress is the most common cause for long-term sickness absence in the UK, with 1 in 5 employees report feeling ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed at work. The cost to UK employers from mental ill health in 2018 was £35 billion. Mindfulness has well documented well-being benefits which include stress reduction."

Andrew provides consultancy services and training for people who want to bring mindfulness into their organisations, and you will have the invaluable opportunity to experience his extensive expertise at our next retreat. 

These skills and tools, can help us better manage the competing draws on our attention. Our propensity to get distracted is not only unhelpful, but it can lead to loss of performance and stress.”


 Andrew McNeill


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